WUNH-- Marathon 2013

Donation Premium Levels

Level 1 - $15.00:                              2 WUNH Stickers, 1 WUNH Frisbee

Level 2 - $30.00:                              1 WUNH T-Shirt

Level 3 - $50.00:                              2 WUNH T-Shirts

Level 4 - $91.30 and above:             Everything from Level 3 plus automatic entry into our prize raffle

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    Pay online using Visa, Mastercard, or E-check. If you choose to only pay the deposit now you will receive an email with instructions on paying the balance in full at a later date.

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  • Other Payment Options

    Checks or money orders can be made payable to WUNH - 91.3 FM and can be sent to:


    WUNH Radio
    UNH Memorial Union Building
    83 Main Street
    Durham, NH  03824


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