To: Event Management System (EMS) event administrators
RE: Deadline dates

Hello Everyone,

As you should be aware by now, the Events Management System (EMS aka eVents) is in the process of being sunset. The shutdown date for UNH is 7/1/19, and 6/30/2020 for the other campuses. These dates reflect the latest "End Date" for all events. Also on these dates the ability to create new events will be removed for the respective campuses. EMS will remain up and running for admin users only for two months following the shutdown dates above to access reporting tools and allow for the receipt of outstanding payments. After this two month period is over, the system will be turned off entirely. Access to historical data will be provided via CSV files on Box.

For assistance migrating to alternative systems, see these guidelines: https://www.unh.edu/digital/forms-event-registration. If you have any questions regarding Destiny One or would like help migrating your program, please contact Dan McLeod at 862-0032 or dan.mcleod@unh.edu

Thank You.

EMS Sunset Team

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